DSG carries out a wide range of investigatory services for Corporate Businesses, Insurance Companies, Local Authorities and Private Individuals across all the UK and Europe.

Our experience is drawn from former ex-Military personnel, we can supply clients with discreet, effective solutions in surveillance & investigations, delivering results promptly and accurately.

All new cases we take on are reviewed thoroughly and a bespoke package is put together to ensure the most efficient methods are used to achieve the client’s objectives.

  • Surveillance
  • 3D Building Mapping 
  • Counter Surveillance 
  • Covert cameras 
  • Investigations
  • Undercover Operations
  • Test Purchase
  • Matrimonial Investigation 
  • Sickness & Absenteeism
  • Pilfering & Stock Loss
  • Penetration Testing 
  • Vehicle Tracking 
  • Proof of Cohabitation 
  • CROP: Covert rural observation points  
  • Thermal imaging capability with state of the art thermal imaging cameras