An Englishman’s home is his castle… but when the security of the home is threatened by a third party, whether it be due to local criminality, stalkers, the Paparazzi or just the public being too nosey, the client may want to consider a Residential Security Team (RST).

An RST is a team of Close Protection (CP) trained operatives who essentially will act as the gate keepers of the house/Estate, making sure that 24/7, there is a professional and fully trained deterrent on the grounds, whose sole purpose is, to keep the house and its ground, safe from intruders.

Sometimes the cover will only be required at night because of the activity around the property during the day, DSG are very flexible, and can accommodate a clients requirements as needed for any particular task. An initial consultation with the client would arrest any concerns from then on in, as that risk once again, is transferred to DSG to manage. 

All RST operations will be managed by a senior DSG Manager.