24/7 Emergency Guard / Cover 

DSG have operatives based all round the UK and one of our unique selling points as a business, is to be able to cover short notice Emergency cover on the receipt of a phone call. 

This is one of our most used services with existing and new clients alike. Immediately after the client has made the call, all our senior management team will be working to identify the most experienced Operator/Operatives closest to where the client site is located

Being a smaller more bespoke business, DSG has the ability to make what would usually be a difficult task, a simple and straightforward process. 

A Perfect Example 

On Thursday 24th September 2020 – an existing DSG client called the Ops phone at 1600 hrs. They needed a four man team to support a new operation in Wembley where there had been a problem with the new CCTV system, leaving the site vulnerable. 

DSG were able to not only supply an experienced four man team by 1900 hrs that night, a member of the DSG Senior Management Team also attended site to fully brief the team and ensure relevant COVID precautions were in place .  

We were also able to liase with the client, who happened to be on be on site when the team arrived, and who was extremely impressed with the 24/7 emergency guard response, and reaffirmed why they will always call DSG when there is a problem with any one of their sites nationwide.