Business resilience is the ability an organization has to quickly adapt to disruptions while maintaining
continuous business operations and safeguarding people, assets and overall brand equity.

DSG business resilience support goes a step beyond disaster recovery by offering post-disaster
strategies to avoid costly downtime, shore up vulnerabilities and maintain business operations in the
face of additional, unexpected security breaches / failures.

Business resilience begins with an understanding that the workers on site are the key to any
operation. Their work output, mental health and safety going to and from work, must be preserved
in order for organizations to survive unexpected events.

An often-overlooked challenge of business resilience planning is the human element, whereby
individuals in a chaotic situation must be prepared and educated on how to respond accordingly.
Knowing that DSG and the support offered therein, is just a phone call away, will allow managers
and other senior staff, to concentrate on other matters, knowing that security is one less problem.
In any security / safety-based crisis, DSG will have a team on standby, ready to deploy anywhere in
the UK on the receipt of a phone call.