Close Protection

Close Protection Services
Ex UK Military /Police Force

We are specialists in providing high quality, effective security solutions to all industry sectors.

Supplying only approved, experienced SIA licenced operators,  most of whom are from a UK Military or Law Enforcement background.

Understanding the complexities of why clients may need Close Protection (CP), and being able to empathise with as well as manage a client’s security situation, is key for a successful operation.

Allowing a client to feel safe in whatever situation they are in, whether at work, home, travelling or on holiday, DSG operatives will allow them the peace of mind they require and deserve, having transferred that responsibility and risk to DSG.

Planning is the key to all successful CP / security operations. DSG operators have experience in scheduling and planning trips for clients including arrival and collection from main airport hubs, ticket collection, allocation, hotel reservations and room sweeps, prior to occupation.

All active CP operations are managed and overseen  by a senior manager at DSG contactable 24/7.