As part of our social responsibility, whilst providing quality services, DSG Close Protection Ltd also promises to achieve environmental best practice

We have established, and will maintain, effective systems to understand and monitor our impact on the environment. Our key environmental impacts have been identified as waste, travel and energy usage, and they have therefore been selected as our key focus areas.

We set targets for continual improvement with emphasis on these areas.

All of our Operatives receive training on “environmental awareness” and EMS requirements upon joining our team.



DSG Close Protection Limited is committed to the continued resourcing of our Environmental Management System (EMS) to meet the standards of ISO14001 certification in order to:

  1. Meet or exceed our compliance obligations including legal and other sector requirements as applicable to our environmental aspects;
  2. Implement and audit control measures to effectively manage and mitigate the 6 significant environmental aspects;
  3. Drive continual improvement and report progress against the following objectives
The scope of the ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system is: “The services providing static and event security on client’s sites and administration and operation planning performed at our Head Office facilities”.

Aims of the Policy

DSG Close Protection Limited is committed to continual ethical and environmentally sustainable employment opportunities and rewards in its business, embracing wholeheartedly the cultural diversity within the communities we call home.

Our People

Our employee’s welfare and wellbeing are foremost throughout all aspects of our business (it’s success), and how we conduct our affairs. DSG Close Protection Ltd is committed to:

  1. Creating and nurturing an environment of success based on honesty and integrity;
  2. Equitable sharing in the success of the company;
  3. Empowerment through training and communication;
  4. Designing and continuing to provide safe and secure working environments as much as is possible given the nature and sometimes the complexity of our core business.

Our Customers

Our customers’ needs are paramount and represent the highest priority within our business. Our obligation is to proactively seek out and define customer needs while addressing all requests expeditiously, delivering any promised service, on time, exceeding expectations wherever possible, and without creating false expectations.

Our Community

DSG Close Protection Ltd is committed to supporting the communities within which we operate and working in partnership with the local community and other stakeholders to improve the local environment wherever possible, and to ensure that our operations do not have a detrimental effect on that, or any other community.

Our Environment

Beginning with a clear understanding of our customers’ expectations, we strive to consistently meet or exceed them. We adhere to all applicable standards and UK Law, allowing us to focus on customer specific requirements in an endeavor to provide processes that ensure we achieve the customers aim,

in order to continue to build a robust and professional business, whilst committing to support the protection of the environment as well as a providing framework for our environmental objectives which may include and wherever possible:

  1. Sustainable resource use;
  2. Climate change mitigation and adaptation;
  3. Protection of biodiversity and ecosystems;
  4. Addressing other relevant environmental issues.