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DSG Event Team

Employment Opportunities

To be part of the DSG event team you need to be three things, smart, reliable and friendly... that is it!

Whether as a steward / SIA DS or CP licence holder, these are the main qualities we ask of our staff whether it be a private party, small festival, Council event or CP Task, these are the only requirements from you as a person.

There are two ways of being paid as part of any DSG team:


To become a part time employee of DSG on the books we will need you to fill in the DSG Application form PDF, and send it back to the office.

Self Employed

To be taken on as legitimate subcontractor, you will need to fill in the DSG Subcontractor form PDF, and again send that back to the office.

Recruitment Forms

Skills For Security

Payroll Form

Employees: complete the new starter form for payroll to ensure correct tax code and Employment application to be completed confirming address and bank details.

Skills For Security

Sub Contractor Form

Sub-contractor: Self employed supplier agreement to be completed to confirm UTR (Unique Taxpayer Reference) number and bank details.

By completing the above and sending it back to, you will be paid in a timely manner with payroll runs being made on the 10th of the following month of any work, Subcontractors are paid on the 19th of the following month of any work.

Pay Rates Per Hour

Steward: £8.00
Door Supervisor: £9.00 - £11.00 (task dependant)
Close Protection: £11 - £12.50 depending on the task (generic event work is lower / corporate and suited RST work would be the higher rate or more).

Travel: We do not pay travel to and from events, so sharing is a good way of spreading this cost.

Uniform:You will be given a black polo and orange hi viz for generic event work, which will have to be handed back in at the end of the event. On cold days you should have a black security-type bomber jacket to keep you warm and put the orange hi viz over.

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DSG Personal Security Detail Course
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