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DSG Events

DSG specialise in high profile private, corporate and media events across the UK.

The level of genuine expertise and operational experience we possess, gives us a direct edge over our competitors and provides a high level of assurance to our clients.

Peace of mind

A good security presence at an event cannot be measured in terms of the fiscal value that it brings.

Transfer of risk

When you use DSG, you transfer not only all risk, but all responsibility for security to an experienced DSG team.



Large or small, every DSG event is managed using the same level of experience and methodology.

We believe the success of each event is part of our responsibility, and this is where we differ from our competition.


Ethical and transparent in all that we do, DSG, is fast becoming a known brand for professional, quality service. We are one of very few companies in the industry who can deliver what they promise.

For a free quote or consultation for your event, please call today on 01454 422777

  DSG allows the client to make informed decisions on where investment and resources should be directed

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